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Having solar panels on your roof is like owning your own power company. When using solar energy, you are not only creating your own solar electricity, you are also protecting our environment by lessening your carbon footprint. Solar energy is the way of the future, and the future is now.

Solar Energy Facts

Installing just 18 solar panels on your roof will increase the value of your home by $25,000, because your home will be powered by solar electricity, not the power company. Solar energy not only makes sense, it makes dollars. A home powered by solar energy, when listed in the real estate market, is advertised as a green home. A home that runs on solar energy will sell much more quickly than a home powered by the utility companies. Simply put, solar panels make your home more valuable.

Utilizing solar panels to create solar electricity is one of the only investments that will give you a full return on your investment, the moment that they are installed. Having a home that produces solar electricity is like having a home that works for you. Modern technology has led to solar panels so advanced, they carry a 25 year guarantee. This is a performance guarantee, based on the panels’ production of solar energy. When we install solar panels they come with 3rd-party insurance that guarantees the warranty will be honored, regardless of whether we or the manufacturer go out of business.

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*numbers calculated using national average of 5%